The Third Apprenticeship Connection Newsletter

Issue #3 of The Apprenticeship Connection newsletter has been published. This newsletter includes great articles about the highest paying trades in Canada, information about apprenticeships and newcomers, information about Canadian Armed Forces veterans applying their skills in construction and information about Skilled Trades Ontario and their new website.  This newsletter also shared the LOCS blog … Continue reading The Third Apprenticeship Connection Newsletter

Computer Skills for Post Secondary Prep

Core Skills For anyone entering a post-secondary program, including the skilled trades, it is important to have some core computer skills before starting.  Gaining computer skills before entering a diploma, certificate or apprenticeship program, will mean all in-class time can be  focused on learning the content of the program.  Trying to learn computer skills at … Continue reading Computer Skills for Post Secondary Prep

Apprenticeship and the Skilled Trades

Through the Lens of Literacy and Basic Skills To address the developing skilled trades crisis, a crisis that has been created by “pending retirements, a current shortage of certified tradespeople and low Apprenticeship completion rates”, communities will need to work together to support those interested in a career in the skilled trades.  This means creating … Continue reading Apprenticeship and the Skilled Trades

Labour Market Information – Skilled Trades

Literacy Ontario Central South (LOCS) is lucky to have two planning boards in our region, the Centre for Workforce Development (CFWD) and the Workforce Development Board (WDB). Both organizations can provide you with current, local Labour Market Information (LMI), including hiring demands, skill requirements and/or wages for any career you are considering, including a skilled … Continue reading Labour Market Information – Skilled Trades

Skills Ontario App

Thinking about entering a skilled trade?  The new Skills Ontario App is a good place to start.  It is free, easy to download and easy to use.  It includes a Popular Careers section where you get examples of jobs such as Web Designer, Chef, Baker, Computer Aided Drafting and 3D Digital Game Artist.  You will … Continue reading Skills Ontario App

Computers and the Skilled Trades

There isn’t a job that hasn’t been touched in some way by digital technology, and this includes the skilled trades. The type and level of computer skills needed will vary depending on the trade, however, it is safe to say at the very least, basic computer skills are necessary. The Ontario Government offers a way … Continue reading Computers and the Skilled Trades

The Second Apprenticeship Connection

Issue #2 of The Apprenticeship Connection newsletter is now available.  This newsletter includes information about apprenticeship in Ontario.  It explores how Ontario’s adult training and skills development organizations support individual apprentices and the broader skilled trades community.  This issue focuses on apprenticeship training, including stories of successful partnerships. Feel free to forward this newsletter to … Continue reading The Second Apprenticeship Connection

Entering a Skilled Trade

Adult Training and Skills Development organizations offer programs that help people prepare to “hit the ground running” when they register for an apprenticeship.  We also offer programs to current apprentices who may need some support through their training.  We can even help people prepare to write the Certificate of Qualification (C of Q). Free, personalized … Continue reading Entering a Skilled Trade

Support Ontario Youth

Breaking barriers and fulfilling a need: How Support Ontario Youth (SOY) matches qualified apprentices with employers in the trades sector This charity is de-stigmatizing what it means to work in a trade and is helping a high-demand industry find much-needed employees. Working in the trades can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding, but there’s still … Continue reading Support Ontario Youth