The Workforce Development Board (WDB) has had the pleasure of collaborating with Literacy Ontario Central South (LOCS) on a range of activities for many years. LOCS presents the WDB with many opportunities to connect with Literacy and Basic Skills service providers and has generously promoted the local labour market information and resources we provide to support the development of adult training and skills development programs. We look forward to continuing partnerships with LOCS! 

Jennifer Lamantia, CEO, Workforce Development Board

I have been involved with Literacy Ontario Central South for the past 20 plus years and in that time I have many opportunities to work with and be supported by LOCS. I have worked on projects and been supported with resources for the adult learners in this community. LOCS is central to supporting adult literacy and we are fortunate to have them in this community.

Lesley Hamilton, Consultant

Working with Carrie and LOCS has been one of my highlights this year in the adult literacy sector. Supporting LBS instructors and administrators in the region to explore new digital tools as part of their teaching and learning strategies has been exciting, rewarding and fun. This group has great energy and humour. During our workshops, I was always impressed to see LOCS programs offering mutual help and support to one another. This created a safe, inclusive space to learn new technologies together.

Aletheia Délivré, Organizational Development Consultant – Education and Technology
/ Conseillère du développement organisationnel – Technologies éducatives  AlphaPlus Centre / Centre AlphaPlus

Without any doubt, the past two+ years have been challenging for all involved in our academic program at Fleming College. Compelled to move our fully in-person adult training curriculum to an online delivery model proved challenging for our staff and instructors. As we adapted to this new model, we had a key resource in our corner supporting us – Literacy Ontario Central South (LOCS).

From the outset, LOCS reached out and coordinated connections with other adult training programs, helping us collectively help each other – and our learners. LOCS was untiring in researching and sharing online training delivery best practices. We have a great team at Fleming Work & Academic Upgrading, but it was the persistence of the LOCS in ensuring that we had the supports in place to deliver the best possible program that made our team even better. We would have muddled through; LOCS helped us thrive.

Michael Andrews, Former Manager, Academic Upgrading & Employment Ontario, Fleming College

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