Literacy Ontario Central South (LOCS) supports Employment Ontario adult training and skills development programs in five counties.  Each county offers programs and services specific to the needs of the individuals in their area. 

Program participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to reach their own individual goals.  Some people register to gain skills for work, some go on to higher education, while others seek skills they need for personal success.  Programs include reading, writing, math and computer instruction, as well as workplace skills training.  

All organizations are currently offering services, including a range of individual, in-person, small group and online programs.  You can contact LOCS or you can reach out to any of the organizations directly for details.  They will help you register or make a referral.  You can use the links below to find the organizations in your area. 

For a downloadable summary of all of the programs in each of the LOCS regions, visit our blog post LOCS Region Program Summary.

The Five Counties

You can also contact for more information.