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Employer Requested Training

If you are an employer seeking training opportunities for your employees, we encourage you to contact us to see if our training programs may be the solution you’re looking for.

To find out if our training can help your employees, we offer both Organizational Needs Assessments and individual worker assessments. These assessments will determine the specific training needs of your team. The assessment results will tell us if the need matches with the training we offer. Our training focuses on foundational skills in reading, writing, numeracy, digital and communication skills. We also have training in skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability, creativity and innovation.

We have a lot of experience providing training for individuals who are already employed. In fact, 35% of participants in our adult training programs are currently working. They join our programs to develop skills that will help them increase their job security. Our adult trainers understand the importance of employee retention for both the employee and the employer.

We also recognize the importance of gaining new skills to advance in a career. The following story shares the success of an individual who attended one of our programs to gain the computer skills they needed to advance.

Whether your employees require individual or group training, we can accommodate their needs. We can provide training either at your workplace, at one of our training locations or online.

For more information, contact Carrie Wakeford at or visit our contact page.

Improving Job Prospects – Success Story

Improving Job Prospects – Success Story

With her sights set on a specific job, Carrie boosted her computer skills with an Adult Training Network certificate to improve her prospects. Carrie worked closely with the instructors at…

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Organizational Needs Assessment

An Organizational Needs Assessment (ONA) is a short, free assessment based on the Government of Canada’s nine Skills for Success. These nine skills include reading, writing, numeracy, communication, digital, collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability and creativity and innovation. One of our assessors will meet with you to ask questions about each of the nine skills. Your answers will help us determine if there are any specific skills gaps that might be affecting productivity, quality, customer service, employee relations, workplace safety or the ability to change.

We will provide you with an ONA report that documents the results of the assessment. The report will provide a big picture view of the training needs in your organization. We will include training recommendations, as well as a list of free training resources in your community. The report will make it easier for you to make informed decisions about training.

If you decide our training is right for your team, we will work with you to make decisions about the next steps.

To discuss scheduling an Organizational Needs Assessment, contact Carrie Wakeford at or visit our contact page

Clear Writing

We have found that many workplace documents are written at an advanced reading level. Our clear writing services can assist employers in writing documents in a way that makes them clear and easy to understand.

To ask about our clear writing services, contact Carrie Wakeford at or visit our contact page

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