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Adult Training and Better Jobs Ontario

Are you thinking about applying for training, are you working on your Better Jobs Ontario funding application, or waiting on a funding decision? Are you in a training program but need some help with assignments, reading, writing, math, computers, studying or test taking? To learn how our free programs can help, you can contact us directly, or you can reach out to an adult training program in your area.

Better Jobs Ontario is a grant program for people who are unemployed and seeking skills training. To learn more about Better Jobs Ontario and the financial support available, you can contact an Employment Service organization in your area. You will also find a list of Employment Services on our website and social media links document. You can also contact us directly.

Preparing for Training

Some people in our programs have already applied for Better Jobs Ontario funding and come to us to upgrade or refresh their skills first.

Some examples of training prep options include:

  • grade 12 or GED preparation;
  • math, reading, writing and computer skills – development or refreshers;
  • test taking;
  • study skills; and
  • readiness to learn strategies.

Computer skills are a common requirement in training programs. We have created a summary of the computer skills needed in post secondary programs. You may not need every skill on this list, but this is a good place to start.

Already in Funded Training?

It is always best to develop or refresh your skills before you start Better Jobs Ontario funded training, but it is never too late. We can help those who are already in a training program but need extra support to be successful.

Thinking about Applying?

Many people in our programs are upgrading or refreshing their skills, but haven’t yet applied for Better Jobs Ontario funding.

Some people hesitate to apply to a skills training program through Better Jobs Ontario because they are unsure about their ability to be successful. This is a common feeling, especially for people who have been out of school for a while. 

However, the number one thing people gain in our programs is confidence. People leave our programs knowing they can move on to skills training and be successful.

If you are considering applying for funding but are unsure, contact one of our adult training programs for information.

Benefits of Adult Training Programs

Benefits of Adult Training Programs

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Assessments point out areas where people already have strengths, and they tell us which skills need to be developed or refreshed. They also help us customize training programs to the goal of each person. This means people are not spending time learning things they don’t need or retaking things they already know. These assessments also pinpoint areas to develop in order to be successful in a training program.

Better Jobs Ontario Assessments

We offer specific Better Jobs Ontario assessments for those considering careers in:

  1. Business, Finance and Administration
  2. Healthcare
  3. Sales and Service
  4. Trades and Transport

For more information, contact Carrie Wakeford at or any of the programs in your area.

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