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What Employers in the Trades Say

A grade 12 diploma is no guarantee that someone will have the skills they need for success in the trades. Skills get rusty. Even being a registered apprentice is no guarantee that an individual will have the skills needed for success on the job.

Employers tell us that people starting out in the trades are often missing some key skills, including the ability to read a tape measure and work with fractions.

Employers also tell us that many people they hire still need support in developing communication skills, computer skills and problem-solving skills. Soft skills were also mentioned, including time management and working independently.

Apprenticeship Assessment

If someone isn’t sure they have the skills to jump into a job in the trades, an assessment is a good place to start. If someone is in the trades and struggling, an assessment of core skills can help to pinpoint barriers, so they can develop the skills they need to stay in the trades. An assessment identifies their strengths for the trades, as well as any skills they need to upgrade or refresh to support a successful career.

At Literacy Ontario Central South we have developed an apprenticeship assessment based on the government of Canada’s Skills for Success model. The assessment has been reviewed by employers from the trades, and it has received their stamp of approval.

The assessment:

  • is administered by an adult learning practitioner (working in an LBS program).
  • takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete, but we never rush anyone.
  • is confidential.
  • focuses on Numeracy, but also includes Reading, Writing, Problem-Solving and Digital Skills.
  • ends with private and individual feedback – the feedback each individual receives from the assessor includes their strengths, as well as areas they may want to develop or refresh.
  • outlines next step options if training is recommended. Note: completing an assessment does not mean training is mandatory.

Customized Training

We recognize that it is hard to learn advanced skills on the job if you don’t have the foundational skills first. Our training ensures people have a solid foundation, so they are ready to learn the more complex skills on the job.

If someone decides to pursue training, our adult training program staff use the assessment results to customize a training program specific to that person. The training will focus only on what the person needs for success.

Training is also built to accommodate each person’s schedule.

Our training covers all nine of the Skills for Success, with a focus on reading, writing, numeracy, digital and communication skills, as well as collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability, and creativity and innovation.

Certificate of Qualification

We also provide support for people preparing to write their CofQ, including practice questions and test-taking skills.


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