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Digital skills are not just for the individuals who come to our programs to gain computer, tablet, smart phone and office skills. We all need to be learning. This includes those who work as trainers across Ontario.  To be prepared to support learners in reaching their work and academic goals, we need to stay current with our own skills.

Literacy Ontario Central South (LOCS) is a member of an Ontario wide Digital Literacy Committee.  We are working with an amazing group of individuals committed to providing digital skills training to the people who train others. This is a train-the-trainer series. By staying current we are all better prepared to help learners in our programs as they develop their digital literacy skills.  

As part of this committee, LOCS developed and led a webinar for LBS organizations in Ontario including managers, instructors, practitioners and executive directors. The webinar focused on one aspect of digital skills – online promotion of our services. The webinar offered practical tips for getting found online. In the webinar we talked about what people would search for if their goal was to get their Grade 12, prepare for college or an apprenticeship or gain workplace skills. We talked about making our websites accessible, based on the AODA requirements. We also touched on social media and the value of building a web of connections.

These tips will be helpful to any organization managing a website, so we decided to share the information here so that our partners also have access.

You can watch the webinar available through the Digital Literacy Library.

We have posted a document “Getting Found Online – Resources“. This document has helpful tips as well as links that will help you test and evaluate your current website. 

We have also posted a document “Website Design and Redesign” that will be helpful in assessing your current website when you are making decisions about what you want to add and remove.

Let’s all do what we can to reach learners and clients with information about the training we offer. 

It was wonderful to meet so many people in this webinar who were committed to staying current with their own digital literacy skills.  Ontario is fortunate to have so many great organizations available to support adult learning in the province.

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