What You Can Expect

Adult Training and Skills Development

Are you interested in registering as an apprentice but you think you might need a math refresher? 

Do you have a plan but want to gauge your current skill level first?

Do you want to work toward your Grade 12 diploma? 

Is college your next step but you need to brush up on a few skills first?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, one of our training organizations can help.

What you can expect from programs offering adult training and skills development

1. Needs: We can help you list your current strengths. We can also help you decide what you need to work on to get you where you want to go.

2. Plan: We then help you develop a plan. Your plan will highlight the steps that will help you reach your goal. This may include things such as credit courses, computer skills, email, business writing, teamwork, goal setting, workplace skills, customer service, point-of-sale, financial skills, reading, communication, biology, chemistry or apprenticeship math.

3. Support: You will be supported at every step. There is always someone available to help. Our goal is to help you reach your goal.

Training and Workshops

In addition to one-to-one training we also offer group training and workshops. We can also offer training at a workplace if there is a group of employees interested in the same topic.

Right now we offer online training that is fully supported. We are also available by phone. Tutors are available to help as well.  When possible we can offer in person training.

Whether your plan is finding work, a new job, an apprenticeship or completing secondary school or post-secondary school credits, adult training organizations can help.

To decide if adult training and skills development can help you, contact one of the programs in your area.  Visit our Programs page and select your region from the list of Five Counties to find a list of available programs.

You can also contact Carrie Wakeford at for more information.

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