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Literacy Service Community Plans: 2019-20

Updated in February 2019, Literacy Service Community Plans are now available for download: Haliburton, City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland and Hastings.

Each plan provides information and data and analysis about learners in each area, as well as current service issues, challenges and opportunities. Sector-based data is coming soon!


Performance Management Newsletters

LOCS and our colleagues at Literacy Link South Central put together a series of newsletters each year that relate to performance management supports, including highlighting events, professional development and other resources that support adult education and training programs, as well as partner agencies.

Fall 2018 Newsletter
Winter 2018-19 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter – ConEx 2017 Edition (PDF)
December 2017 Newsletter – Strengthening Ontario’s Adult Education Program (PDF)
March 2018 Newsletter – LOCS Regional LSP Edition (PDF)


ConEx 2017 

On October 23-24, 2017, the Eastern Region networks hosted the second Connecting Excellence in LBS Conference in Gananoque. While the focus of the event was on numeracy, other topics included community legal resources, self care, and motivational interviewing.

The following are selected resources and presentations from the conference:

Get in the Game: How to use gaming motivation in the classroom

When playing board games or video games, being motivated to improve performance and succeed at the goals of the game is something that comes naturally. How can that natural drive to try, fail, and try again until you succeed be encouraged in a learning environment? That’s the question asked by gamification. It’s a word you’ve probably heard before, but what exactly
does it mean – especially in the context of adult education?

At its core, gamification is the act of applying game-design elements and motivations to a non-game setting in order to increase engagement, change behaviour, or achieve a specific, desired result. Using gaming elements can help adult literacy learners overcome their anxiety around
digital technology, and take new steps towards associating technology with fun instead of fear.

Numeracy Learning Strategies

Legal life skills for job seekers: a curriculum for adult learners

Almost half of Canadians will experience at least one civil or family legal problem within a three year period. And, poor or marginalized people are more likely to face multiple legal problems at once. How best to equip vulnerable people such as adult learners with the knowledge and skills
they need to recognize legal problems and stop them from becoming more serious?

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), a sole-purpose provider of legal information and
resources for low-income Ontarians, has designed several “legal life skills” activity kits for use by in the job readiness literacy training context.

Each of the following 5 legal kits provided by CLEO provides notes for instructors and offers learners life skills outcomes including, knowledge, skills, and personal capabilities and circumstances.

EQAO – What do the numbers mean to LBS programs?

Explore the current EQAO results for Eastern Ontario and how they compare to the province and how these numbers affect our LBS programs, including: LBS program planning, promoting LBS, and the poverty connection.

Data the way we like it! Eastern Ontario

Writing Numeracy Tasks

Gain knowledge, tips and strategies for writing great numeracy tasks across the complexity levels. Also learn how to teach learners to correctly complete the steps of
numeracy tasks.

Writing Numeracy Tasks ConEX 2017


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