Literacy Ontario Central South works to research, collect and make available resources to support adult education and training programs and practitioners. If you know of a resource that should be posted to the LOCS site, please contact .


Community Service Plans: 2020-21

Updated in February 2020, Community Service Plans are now available for download:

Haliburton Community Service Plan 2020-2021

Kawartha Lakes Community Service Plan 2020-2021

Peterborough Community Service Plan 2020-2021

Northumberland Community Service Plan 2020-2021

Hastings Community Service Plan 2020-2021

Each plan provides information and data and analysis about learners in each area, labour market information, employment and training profile data and charts.


LOCS Regional Conference 2020

70 participants attended the 3rd annual Regional LSP and Conference, including partners from LBS, ES, OW, ODSP, MLTSD from 4 counties participated in this one day event. This year, we learned about in-demand trades, collaborative workforce training programs, client and learner success stories, fostering supportive workplaces, and strategies for engaging employers and improving job retention. And, of course, plenty of time was allocated for networking with professionals from across the spectrum of partners.

Thanks to all participants and a big shout out to our presenters and our conference collaborator and sponsor, Workforce Development Board!

In-Demand Skilled Trades (Workforce Development Board)
The Essential Skills Program (VCCS, Outreach Literacy (JHS), Fleming AU, AAEC)
Practical Transit for Everyday Life (Community Learning Alternatives)


Performance Management Newsletters

LOCS has published a series of newsletters for the past three years that relate to performance management supports, including highlighting events, professional development and other resources that support adult education and training programs, as well as partner agencies.

Fall 2019 Newsletter
Winter 2019-20 Newsletter
March 2020 Newsletter

Fall 2018 Newsletter
Winter 2018-19 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter – ConEx 2017 Edition (PDF)
December 2017 Newsletter – Strengthening Ontario’s Adult Education Program (PDF)
March 2018 Newsletter – LOCS Regional LSP Edition (PDF)


Connecting Excellence in LBS (Learning Networks of Ontario East)

Check out the Learning Networks of Ontario East website for resources from past ConEx conferences.

Please contact us for more information and resources.