Features of Adult Training Programs

Adult training programs focus on helping individuals reach the goals they have for work, learning and life. The following list outlines the ways adult training programs are unique.


  • Training is free
  • Funding for childcare, transportation and technology may be available
  • Successes are recognized and accomplishments are celebrated

Training Designed for Adults

  • Woman working at a computerPrograms are supportive, adult-focused and flexible
  • Instructors understand the learning needs of adults
  • Training is customized to the needs and goals of each person
  • Each person completes an assessment so they know their current strengths and needs
    • People only study things they need to learn for their goal – there is no need to study what they already know
  • Each person develops their own learning plan
  • Learning is activity-based or task-based so people learn the things they will need to know at work, in class and in their lives
    • For example, many of the documents we use have been provided to us directly by employers

Goal Paths

People select from five goal path options including goals of Secondary, Post-Secondary, Work, Apprenticeship or Independence.

  • Goals are set and then measured along the way

man working at computerLearning Space

  • We offer a quiet, inclusive, safe and welcoming place to learn
  • People have a safe place to try new things
  • We offer training online, in groups and one-to-one, including tutors
  • Learning includes individualized support 


  • Our programs support the goals of our partners and funders
  • We work with our partners and respect any action plan developed
  • We communicate with partners and work together to support learners
  • We make referrals to our community partners, as needed

Learn More

Please contact Carrie Wakeford if you would like to learn more. You can also contact any of the adult training programs directly.