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COVID-19 and remote learning

Highlighting this resource from the AlphaPlus LBS site:

If you are wondering if your students and learners are ready for online learning, you can use this questionnaire as a template to find out. Sandra Martinez from Centennial College LBS kindly shared this with us so that we could share it with you.

We are not suggesting that LBS programs in Ontario start distance learning programs (eChannel is doing this and is accepting new learners) and but these collections may have some good information for programs temporarily connecting remotely with learners. If you find a resource here that is particularly useful to you, get in touch and let us know how you are using it so we can highlight it here.

COVID-19: New website provides resources for LBS programs

Our friends at AlphaPlus have been hard at work over the past couple of days pulling together resources for LBS. They have created a website to support you and your program that includes:

  • General announcements and updates from the government and LBS programs
  • Links to information about COVID-19
  • Tips and tools to support working from home – ideas for connecting online and via mobile apps, setting up online courses, sharing and managing content, even sending out texts from computer 
  • Resources for learners to help them access online learning resources while they don’t have access to on-site programs.

You can find the site here:

Literacy and Essential Skills as a Poverty Reduction Strategy

A report released on March 21st by Frontier College, prepared in partnership with Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, “is the culmination of a national consultation with policy makers, national and regional literacy associations, services providers, researchers, poverty reduction organizations, and learners involved in literacy programming and poverty reduction programs across Canada.”

“Canadian data indicate that earnings increase in tandem with literacy skills. The difference in earnings is indeed stark; median earnings of individuals with literacy skills at the two highest levels is 70 per cent higher than for individuals with the lowest literacy skills.”

Get your copy of the Literacy and Essential Skills report.

Connecting Excellence Conference 2017: Eastern Region knowledge multiplier

On October 23rd and 24th, over 100 adult education practitioners, administrators and support networks convened at the Glen House Resort for the second Connecting Excellence in LBS conference (ConEX).

This year, the theme for the conference was numeracy, including presentations on: numeracy learning strategies; what the latest EQAO data is telling us about secondary school math curriculum, and; how to write numeracy tasks.

However, it wasn’t all math all the time and conference attendees also learned about transitioning learners from high school to employment; legal life skills for job seekers; motivational interviewing, and; using gamification motivation in the classroom.

Conference evaluations have indicated a wholehearted appreciation for the conference and the programming that was offered. Thanks to our many presenters and volunteers who made this year’s conference a resounding success! 

Want to know more about the conference? Download the ConEx 2017 program:  
CON EX 2017 Program and Registration